Our Customers

Connect Energy Resources works with customers of all sizes from corner stores to municipalities to large industrial & manufacturing. We serve customers from many sectors & industries. We do not serve residential customers, however we will help point you in the right direction when it comes to managing your home energy. Here are some examples of customer segments, common problems that we solve and types of businesses we serve:

Small & Medium Commercial (SMB) Customers
This segment is the most overcrowded with suppliers, brokers and telemarketers. We've found that this customer pool has been overwhelmed in the past decade with aggressive and deceitful sales tactics.

Most Common Problem: Ongoing Cold Calls. 

Our Solution: Decision makers at SMBs are usually owner-operators who are readily available to an inbound telemarketer or door-to-door salesperson. We ask that you refer the inbound calls to us and we will evaluate the situation and report back to you once we've sifted through the sales pitch. End the calls and work with an established and known resource that will be here for you over the long term. If you are working with Connect Energy Resources you've either done business with our organization for a long time or someone you know has referred our service to you. We know how to spot a good deal and a not-so-good deal. 

SMB Customers include:
Restaurants, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, Car Wash, Small & Medium Manufacturing, Property Management, Hotels, Fitness Centers, Non-Profit Organizations, Country Clubs, Theaters, Car Dealerships

Large Commercial & Industrial (LCI) Customers
LCI customers typically spend 1-5% of their revenue on energy. These customers are continually looking for new or better tactics for smoothing out cost volatility and managing futures risks to their business to best insulate profit margins. LCI customers like to build energy into the cost of goods sold the same as they would for raw materials and transportation costs.

Most Common Problem: Forecasting future price volatility. 

Our Solution: Commodities markets are extremely volatile and unpredictable by nature. Our experts rigorously review the cost of energy in each market on a daily basis.  We proactively engage suppliers well in advance of the contract expiration and if the market is rising or falling we will notify the customer of the potential impact to their budgets. 

Energy decisions should be made based on market intelligence. We install target pricing for the next energy agreement just after the completion of the current agreement. We set triggers on the high side (ceiling trigger) and low side (floor trigger), then let the market trade in that range.  If the market trends at or near either trigger then we notify our customers of the situation and act accordingly.                                                                               
LCI Customers include:
Plastic Manufacturers, Asphalt Plants, Grocery Stores, Hospitals,  Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Auto Parts Manufacturers, Aerospace Manufacturers, Commercial Real Estate

Institutional Customers:
Municipal and Educational customers are driven by a fair, accountable and transparent process when managing their energy spend. Compliance is key and customers usually need to adhere to rigid purchasing requirements in accordance with codes and regulations.

Most Common Problem: The task of completing an RFP Process that meets by-laws or guidelines.

Our Solution: We represent the buyers, not the suppliers. We can run the RFP on the customers behalf.  We have agreements with all the relevant suppliers in a market and can invite as many suppliers as our customers need in order to meet their RFP requirements. All bids will be recorded and provided to the customer so they may distribute to any board or committee involved in the decision making process both during and after an RFP.

Institutional Customers Include:
Housing Authorities, Towns, Cities, Universities, Colleges, Private Boarding Schools, Public Schools or Boards of Education

Natural Gas